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The IT and Systems Industry

The Sector

It is a truism to say that information technology has transformed the way we lead our lives and do business, to the extent that it is impossible to conceive of undertaking many tasks without the use of a computer and a particular software package.

The UK market for IT is estimated at nearly £60 billion, compared with a world-wide figure of nearly £800 billion. Although growth in the current economic climate has slowed, it is hardware which has been hardest hit; software and services are still growing, as businesses consider that technology enabled processes can help them through the downturn.

Our Experience

The 3Spheres UK team has undertaken a wide range of studies in the IT and high–technology markets. This experience includes computers and word processors, computer controlled processes, CAD–CAM–CAE technologies, on–line information services and portals, geo–spatial information and data infrastructure. We also have practical experience of specifying and implementing CRM systems and information databases.

These studies have assessed market sizes and trends, competitor positioning, branding and marketing activities, the requirements and demand for new product developments from concept to beta test stages, as well as customer attitudes and satisfaction.

For research in the IT and systems market think 3Spheres UK.

Client Quotes

“Quick to learn technical side. Did what you said you would do, to the deadline. Due to our company restructuring your service was better than we could deal with.”

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