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The Leisure Industry

The Sector

The leisure sector lacks any real homogeneity, having a mixture of goods and services, as well as in–home and ‘going out’ activities, with a spectrum running from the entirely passive (e.g. watching TV) to the highly active and involved (e.g. team sports). As such it is a complex market to analyse with changes in popularity over time and between ages and groups of consumers.

The UK leisure market is estimated to be worth in excess of £90 billion, having grown from about £80 billion in 2000. Growth up to mid 2008 was supported by consumer confidence based on high employment and a strong economy. Other factors affecting trends include technology, with growth in electronic media and ready access through broadband access to information and entertainment. This switches consumers away from off-line equivalents, although the staples of recreational, sporting and cultural activities remain strong.

Our Experience

3Spheres UK has undertaken numerous research projects into the leisure market, specifically related to DIY, gardening, marine activities such as sailing, and home entertainment equipment. Such studies have assessed the products and services used by consumers, in terms of the market size, consumer needs and purchase behaviours, product development requirements, pricing, and branding and marketing activities evaluation.

Think 3Spheres UK when considering research in leisure markets.

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