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The Manufacturing Industry

The Sector

As the first industrialised nation, manufacturing was once the backbone of the British economy. However, finance and service industries have since the 1960s increased their share of the economy, overtaking manufacturing in importance.

Despite these trends, manufacturing still accounts for 60% of UK exports, 15% of the national output of the UK economy and 12% of employment. As such it is critical to the wealth of the nation. Further, with the present economic turbulence attention has refocused on the importance of manufacturing, as evidenced by a call for more scientists and engineers.

Our Experience

The 3Spheres UK team has undertaken many studies within manufacturing industries, most notably engineering and allied trades, including electronics and high technology products, chemicals, construction materials, the paper and printing industry, and food and drink.

In particular, studies have centred on existing market assessment and new market opportunities, new product development, customer needs and satisfaction, and competitor analyses.

Think 3Spheres UK for marketing and research assignments within the manufacturing industries.

Client Quotes

“Extremely pleased with the quality of information obtained and at the time of writing it looks as though we may be able to sell all the product.”

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