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The Third Sector

The Sector

The Third Sector consists of all those organisations that are not–for–profit and non–government, together with the activities of volunteering and giving which sustain them. These organisations are a major component of many industries including community health services, rural, education, housing, sport and recreation, culture and finance.

The 3rd sector is gaining recognition in most countries as an important but hitherto undervalued and under–researched sector of society and of the economy. And this is particularly so in the current economic uncertainty as public sector budgets are ring–fenced or reduced.

As 3rd sector organisations take over the running of what were once the domain of public sector services they face a number of challenges. Firstly they also need to stay grounded to the people they help, and ensure that their services meet their needs and those of the community in which they live. However, they need to adopt good business practices with regard to organisational structure, financial management, and marketing expertise.

Our Experience

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