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The Retail Industries

The Sector

The retail sector in the UK is estimated to have a value of about £300 billion, including internet and home shopping, of which just under half is spent in food and grocery outlets.

Consumer debt, rising interest rates, inflation, house prices and job security all affect how much people shop, and the current economic climate indicates that consumer spending will slow down. Customer confidence is a key issue: if people feel optimistic about their situation, they will spend more. If they are nervous about their own financial security, they will spend less.

Our Experience

The 3Spheres UK team has undertaken many studies in the retail sector across all types of products including alcoholic and soft drinks, beverages, ice cream, spices and sauces, baking and catering products, white and brown electrical goods, men’s and women’s clothing, sports items, carpets and soft furnishings, DIY products such as paving and paints, gardening products, pharmaceuticals, leisure and travel goods, and automotive.
Studies have also been undertaken looking at products and services supplied to the retail trades and used within the business, such as display and POS equipment, signage and security.

Studies have involved discussions with major supermarkets, department stores, specialists food and non-food multiples and independents, as well as home shopping suppliers and vending services.

Think 3Spheres UK for your research in the retail sector.

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