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Event Services from 3Spheres UK

3Spheres UK has recently added two new services to help clients achieve success in today’s competitive market–place.

1. Exhibition benchmarking

Exhibitions and trade shows are important marketing tools — particularly in B2B markets — as they bring buyers, sellers and competitors together all at the same time. They showcase a company and its products, bring you face–to–face with decision makers, as well as being excellent for relationship building and a primary lead generation activity.

Exhibitions and trade shows provide a whole range of opportunities. However, they are hard work and challenging; therefore they require careful planning, co–ordination and integration with other marketing activities. Also, all aspects of exhibition performance can be monitored and measured so that improvements can be made for the next exhibition.

The total cost of a 3 day exhibition to a company is calculated to be at least 5 times (probably up to 10 times) the cost of the exhibition stand and space alone. Therefore, you need to ensure you obtain a return on your marketing investment.

The exhibition benchmarking service from 3Spheres UK includes

2. Event management

Event management is one of the strategic marketing and communication tools for companies, and can no longer be considered an ad hoc activity, but rather as an integrated element of the marketing mix. Event management involves

  1. studying the intricacies of the brand,
  2. identifying the target audience,
  3. devising the event concept,
  4. planning the logistics, and
  5. coordinating the technical aspects, before
  6. actually executing the proposed event itself, as well as
  7. post–event analysis and ensuring a return on investment.

If you are thinking of organising an event, such as a sales conference, product launch, seminar, road show, exhibition or trade show then 3Spheres UK can help. We can either organise the whole event, be responsible for parts of it, or act as a mentor and sounding board to your internal staff to ensure the event achieves its objectives and brings you success.

For further details on these services, please contact Ian Stock at 3Spheres UK — please take a look at our Contact page.