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The Logistics, Transportation and Distribution Sector

The Sector

This sector covers all land and air modes of physically transporting goods and passengers as well as the supply chain involved in getting goods and services, through wholesaling and distribution components, from supplier to user.

Since most goods and services in the modern economy consist of a supply chain in one form or another, the scope of this sector is extremely wide.

The following key facts illustrate the size and diversity of this sector:

Our Experience

The 3Spheres UK team have conducted many studies across this sector looking at market size and structure, new service and product development, customer needs and satisfaction, and branding and marketing activity evaluation.

Our experience includes some of the pioneering work associated with the Channel Tunnel, road ⁄ rail hub assessments, commercial vehicle (CV) market analyses, parcels distribution, as well as research on goods and services used within this sector such as fork lift trucks, and CV maintenance and servicing.

3Spheres UK has extensive experience looking at the end–to–end distribution chain for many products and services from primary supplier to the user, whether that is in business markets or consumer goods.

Studies have covered alcoholic and soft drinks, building materials and products, catering products, electric cables, laboratory and electronic equipment, electrical products, hand tools, horticultural products, metals and metal products, oil and gas, packaging materials, and engineering products and services.

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